It seemed like any other car ride. As soon as dogs find out where they are going, they go nuts

According to Dr. Stanley Coren, the average dog can comprehend about 165 words. Consistency is the key, he says, so use the same terms each time and pretty soon Fido will relate the word to the thing or the action.
These four German Shorthaired Pointers all understand one particular word. It's the one their owner uses when he's taking them to walk in their favorite place. And once he says that word, they have plenty to say themselves!
If you've ever heard one dog howl, you know it's pretty loud. Imagine having FOUR dogs barking and howling in the confined space of a car! Wow!
It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but there really are four pointers: one in the front seat and three in the back. The driver seems totally undisturbed by the noise.
Even when one from the back seat seems intent on moving up front where he can see better, the owner's smile never leaves his face. It's pretty obvious that he enjoys his dogs' excitement.
The pointers keep right on "singing" as one of them climbs into the front seat. They know they are nearing their destination, and the frenzy increases in volume.
Almost there now, and the dogs are ready to get out and go for a, run. Look at that face! It's no wonder the owner is happy to make his four-footed buddies happy.
Watch this video with your friends. But first, turn the volume down a little, or they just might howl your ears off! What do you think? How many words does your dog know? Tell us in the comments!
Resources ViralHog and Animal Planet
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