Mom's puppies are out of control. Luckily, she has the perfect solution

Sometimes Mom just needs to wear her little ones out so they'll calm down. But what would you do if you had this many little ones all demanding your attention at the same time? Might you feel like running away? Well, that's exactly what this mother German Shepherd did...kind of.
When her puppies became too demanding and all wanted supper at the same time, Mom decided to get them moving and exercising a little bit. After all, all mothers know that if you don't simple make them go do something, they will simply hang around and whine.
And if they won't listen? Do the next best thing... run away! No, actually, she ran around her puppies, getting their little wagging tails in gear.
And pretty soon, the whole crowd was chasing after her at top speed, which isn't nearly fast enough to catch their mama.
And just when they think they've finally caught her...
She's off again, running for all she's worth, around and around her kids while they do their level best to catch her. But it will take more than a gaggle of rowdy puppies to slow this mom down!
The really funny part is, if they'd just slow down for a minute and take turns instead of mobbing mom all at the same time, they might—just maybe—get what they're looking for.
Watch this Mama Shepherd outmaneuver her puppies as she wings it through the grass. Share it with your friends, too. Then put yourself in Momma dog's place and ask each other, "How would you calm them down?"
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