Office kitten leaves his coworkers a huge surprise

When this kitty was little, he lived by himself in the middle of a field. He was homeless. And like most homeless things, he wasn't something worthwhile to do with his life. Then he was rescued.
The day he came into GuRuStu, a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the day that life changed not only for the kitten and his new friends at work, but for the homeless people who live in Tulsa, too.
Meet CASHnip Kitty. The company adopted him from a local shelter and gave him a home for life. Not only does he keep unwanted critters from overtaking the office, he has a philanthropic heart, too. How so? He collects money for the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.
When a few dollar bills showed up on the floor, one smart employee decided to test a theory. He stuck a dollar bill through the slot in the door, and CASHnip Kitty grabbed it. After posting a sign saying that all donated money would be given to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, people started giving to the cat.
Homeless people pass by every day, and it really touched the hearts of those who worked for GuRuStu. So, donating the money collected by CASHnip Kitty was a no-brainer.
So far, CASHnip Kitty has collected more than $100 for the homeless. He's a generous cat who knows what it's like to be homeless himself, and he's doing what he can to give back.
How about you? Are you doing your share? Talk to your friends about this special cat and see if you can come up with a way to give back to your community, too!
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