Woman spots 'lifeless' dog. Luckily realizes it's not too late to take action

There's a park in Ft. Worth, Texas, a notorious dumping ground for unwanted dogs. South of East Berry Street and just east of I-35W, Echo Lake has a terrible history. Unwanted animals, particularly ones that are victims of abuse—including dog fighting—are left there, injured and alone, to die. That would have been Mercy's fate, if Judy Obregon hadn't made her twice daily visit to look for suffering dogs.
Mercy is a young pit bull who has seen more cruelty in her short life than most people ever see. Exactly what happened to her will probably never be known, but The Abandoned Ones (TAO) Animal Rescue was there for her when she needed them most.
When Obregon first saw her, she thought she was too late to help this one. Then Mercy lifted her head, and Obregon's heart leapt. Perhaps this would be another successful rescue and adoption to add to the 200 dogs found in appalling shape at Echo Lake.
The sweet dog wagged her tail when Obregon approached. In fact, she was so grateful that someone had found her, she couldn't stop wagging it!
It was obvious to her rescuer that Mercy was badly injured. She couldn't stand or walk, so Obregon took her to a veterinarian.
After being examined by two different vets, she was found to have her right illium, right pubis, and left ischium all fractured. The vets determined that the injuries showed possible abuse, including the strong possibility of having been thrown from a moving car.
Due to undeserved media hype, put bulls have a terrible reputation, and many people believe they are dangerous. However, multiple controlled studies of dog aggression and dog bites have found that this just isn’t true. If Obregon had believed the false claims, Mercy might very well have died in that ditch.
Ten days later, Mercy was walking on her own. Obregon was able to put Mercy up for adoption a few weeks later. “I’m just happy that she survived, because most of the animals that I find here are dead,” Obregon said.
Please share this video with your friends. If people can see that this is a badly maligned breed, perhaps the future for dogs like Mercy can change. Discuss it with your friends, and ask them to share, too.
Resources Tao Animal Rescue, NBC 5 Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Dog Bite Risk and Prevention: The Role of Breed (2015)
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