Dog chained up and abandoned during hurricane floods rescued minutes before drowning

Flooding in Fort Bend County, Texas, in summer 2016 forced many residents to abandon their homes. Unfortunately, some of those people either could not or would not bring their pets with them. One dog had been chained up and could not escape the rising waters. Her future looked bleak.
Sheriff Troy E. Nehls was in an airboat surveying the damage to the area when he spotted a dog trying desperately to keep her head above the water. He could tell she was perilously close to drowning. "The only thing we could see was her head above the water," Nehls said. "I had a news crew with me filming the flooding, and I said, 'We have to get that dog out.'"
But as Nehls and his crew got closer to the dog, they quickly realized why she was unable to swim and get out of the water: she had been chained to the front porch of her home.
"We maneuvered the airboat around to the front porch," Nehls said. "The news reporter from [local NBC affiliate] KPRC, Mr. Archer, jumped into the water with another individual. They tried to get the dog out of the high water, but he wouldn't come. That's when we determined that he was actually tied to the front porch."
In the video below, the dog is rescued by these compassionate people, and you can see the look of relief and gratitude in her eyes when she is freed and brought onto the boat.
Nehls brought the dog to the Houston Humane Society where the dog, named Archer in honor of one of her journalist rescuers, was cleaned up and given a medical examination; she was covered in fleas.
Journalists found Archer's owners and asked why they had tied up their dog and abandoned her during a flood. The owners responded that they didn't think the waters would rise that high. Unable to get back to their home because of the water and damage, the owners formally surrendered Archer to the shelter.
Thankfully, Archer didn't have to wait too long to find a new home and a family that will love her for the rest of her life. "On Sunday, my family went to the Humane Society to introduce ourselves to Archer," said Nehls. "Then we made a family decision to adopt Archer. We took her home that day, and it's been wonderful ever since."
Archer is now living a happy life with the Nehls family, and she will never have to worry about being abandoned ever again.
“There’s a bond this dog and I have now that will remain with us. She’s not tied up to a front porch,” Nehls explained. “Now she’s in a home that is comfortable, she’s sleeping on a bed and she gets constant attention from the family.”
“I truly believe this dog has a new outlook on her life.”
We thank Sheriff Nehls, Mr. Archer, and all the other brave men on the airboat who went out of their way to save this dog. And we are so thrilled that Archer has owners who care about her now! Watch the video of Archer's rescue and share her story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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