Police officer spots men with a dog in the woods, then realizes what they are about to do

It was a matter of timing, of being in the right place at the right time. Chris Lynch, a conservation officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, was patrolling a rural area on the state's northern peninsula when he saw some strange activity that set off his internal alarm.
On an off-road, private trail sat a parked truck, and nearby was a man with a small dog running at his side. For some reason, the scene struck Lynch as odd and out of place, so he stopped to investigate. In doing so, Lynch saved this little dog's life.
As Lynch approached the man standing near the truck, he saw the man try to hide a shotgun by slipping it back into its case. Lynch observed that there was a second man as well, not too much farther off, who was digging a hole in the ground.
Lynch questioned the first man about his purpose for being on a person's private property. The man responded that he was burying his dog, although Lynch noted that the box in the truck was empty. The man intended to kill the small dog at his feet and bury her in the ground.
The dog appeared healthy and active, so Lynch asked why the men wanted to shoot it. The response was that the dog was old. Appalled, Lynch informed them that they were on private property, and the owner would not sanction such an action. He then charged the men with carrying a loaded rifle in their vehicle.
More importantly, he confiscated the dog and brought her straight to the Delta Animal Shelter. The staff at this no-kill shelter were stunned when they heard the dog's story, especially since they accept animal surrenders into the shelter without charge.
The dog's name was Toosie, but the staff renamed her Tunzy. This little dog checked out just fine after her medical examination. A shelter spokesman described Tunzy as "an 11-year-old healthy female shih tzu. She is very lucky to have been found before being shot. We are thankful the DNR brought her to the safety of the Delta Animal Shelter. There is no justifiable reason to end her life."
"She probably has a good five years of life left and her health is fine. This community does not accept what was going to happen, nor any other forms of abuse of an animal."
Because of Lynch's actions, Tunzy has indeed received a home with a loving family. She was recently adopted, and is spending her days being spoiled and loved, as she should! Please share Tunzy's close call and amazing story with your friends and family on Facebook.
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