Rescue dog walks to local school every day for the best reason

As cars line up outside a local school in County Cavan, Ireland, a sweet-natured dog joins those waiting in line for students. Only she's not waiting for a specific student; any kid willing to pet her will do.
Sean Conway first noticed her when he was at the school for an event. Conway says he noticed the dog hop up on the low wall and wait for the children to come pet her. She was very patient, according to Conway. She sat there for about ten minutes to get her quota of pats.
The kids all seem to like her, and they are used to seeing her with her paws up on the wall. "It's a regular thing and the kids were used to it," Conway said.
Apparently, the school isn't her only outlet for soliciting lots of petting and affection. Her owner, Clara Clark, says that the dog whose name is Lucky, is very much loved at home. She lives quite close to the school, so it's no wonder she goes over there to greet the kids.
Although Clark doesn't know where Lucky came from originally, she was so affectionate that she couldn't help but take her in as a stray. Now she's a member of the family.
Lucky's not the only animal who frequents schools, though. In California there is a duck named Nibbles who waits for his tiny human, Johnny, when his Mom picks him up in her car. It's amazing to watch how excited Nibbles gets when Johnny gets off the school bus!
This story is somewhat reminiscent of old Lassie movies, isn't it? How does your pet greet you when you get home from school or work? Tell us in the comments!
Resources The Dodo and Sean Conway
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