Sad shelter dog finally finds forever home thanks to the Internet.

Technology is a great thing, isn't it? With social media keeping us in touch with those who matter to us and giving us a platform to tell the world about what makes a difference in our lives, I for one am glad it's here to stay.
One Reddit user saw this lonely, cartoonish dog and decided to post his picture on her account. What happened next is pure magic. Within a week, the dog called Mack by the shelter and "Pouty Hippo" by the friendly Reddit user had a brand new, "furever" home. And the look on his face tells it all!
The change from a pout to a grin is because in his new home, where he is renamed "Frank the Tank," he is living the life of Riley. He has a new buddy to lounge around with...
...who enjoys having someone to share the dog days of summer with.
Frank also gets all the belly rubs he could ever want. He seems to have landed in his happy place, which is wonderful after being surrendered to a shelter by his former family.
People were so glad that he had found a new home! Their comments show the joy true animal lovers feel when a story ends up like this one. One reader commented: I was about to fly to wherever he was and get that monkey!
Frank the Tank is living happily ever after, thanks to technology and social media. Now it's your turn. Share this story on your own page and spread the good news. ​
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