Dog waited 9 long months for baby brother. This video proves it was all worth it

Although myths abound about dogs not being gentle around babies, these two incredibly loving Weimaraners prove them all wrong. After waiting a
l-o-o-n-g nine months for baby brother to be born, now they won't leave his side.
Many people believe that you should never let your dog near your baby. Fortunately, these parents didn't agree, and the relationship between their 4-legged children and their 2-legged one is obviously off to a great start!
Cuddling up for a nap is precious when a dog protectively encompasses the baby in his "arms."
Peacefully snoozing the afternoon away with both gentle dogs cuddling up to keep their little brother warm. What could be sweeter?
Not even a blanket is going to separate this loyal dog from being near her new brother. That nose peaking under the blanket...adorable!
Checking to make sure all is a-okay is this one's self-appointed task. "Just making sure," he says!
And a happy smile shows that the baby is as happy with the dogs as they are with him!
Not even a tug on those oh-so-soft ears elicits a negative reaction. All those myths are just that—myths.
Watch this video. You can't believe the amazing photos of this lovely family of three "kids." The love the dogs have for their human brother just can't be stated any better. If a picture's worth a thousand words, this video is a veritable encyclopedia. You'll definitely want to share this one!
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