Tiny kitty was rejected by her own mother, finally found love again

Nature can sometimes be ruthless, and in the case of one tiny calico kitten, it almost meant certain death. Then a kind, compassionate man stepped in and saved the day.
The man, Alan, knew of a cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens. However, the tiniest runt of the bunch was being ignored and rejected by her mother. Because the kitten was scrawny and small, and unlikely to survive, the mother cat gave more attention to the larger, healthier kittens.
When Alan heard that the little calico was in serious trouble, he stepped in and offered to nurse her and give her a forever home. Suddenly having the whole attention of one soul, the kitten clung to him wherever he went, afraid that he might disappear.
After her first day with Alan, the kitten ate until she had a full belly, then she did what cat's do best: sleep. Alan didn't want to wake her, so he sat there the whole time that the kitten napped.
The little calico is named Sansa, after the character from the HBO series Game of Thrones, and like her namesake, she is brave and has a strong will to live. The kitten has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the special formula Alan feeds to her.
Now Sansa is set for a life of being a loved, spoiled cat! We thank Alan for taking in this tiny soul and giving her the life and love she deserves. Share Sansa's sweet story with your cat-loving family and friends on Facebook!
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