Pitbull chained to snow screams for help. Luckily, police officer jumps to the rescue

Pit bulls have had a really bad rap, and it's largely undeserved. Yet they continue to be discriminated against anyway, and in some localities, it is against the law to own them. But this pit bull is hoping to change all that.
Rescued from an abusive situation, Kiah is the first pit bull to be trained as a police K9, and she's showing the world how smart, capable, and agreeable they can be.
While many people still see this incredible breed as a threat, most pit bulls—like most members of any breed—are a product of their nurture. Treat them badly, and they may become bad.
But not Kiah. Despite her situation, the officers at the Poughkeepsie Police Department think she's wonderful. She goes on patrol to help the officers keep the law...
...and when she's not doing that, she's changing the perception people have about her breed. People love stopping to pet her, and the officers have found her to be a great ambassador.
Intelligence just oozes from every pore in this dog, and she's proof positive that pit bulls are valuable not only as police K9s, but as man's best friend, too.
Watch the video and see what you think. Does this oft-maligned breed stand a chance of redemption? Ask your friends on Facebook to leave their thoughts in the comments!
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