In the middle of the night, dedicated groomer gave a stray dog an emergency makeover

What would you do if you were out around midnight and you happened upon something that might be a dog, but stank to high heavens? Would you stop and recognize that this creature needed help, and then find that help for him? Well, that's Lucky's story.
A good Samaritan stumbled upon this dog in the middle of the night and knew she had to do something to help him, and do it right now. So she called a local groomer who had a reputation for coming to the aid of stray animals.
Kari Falla runs her own dog grooming salon called BGE Grooming in Seminole County, Florida. After taking one look at the dog, she offered to groom the pooch for free, even at midnight!
Lucky's coat was long and severely matted. It harbored fleas and made it difficult for him to walk and poop. Amazingly, it even had a leash embedded in his skin. As you can well imagine, he was really stinky, too.
Poor Lucky was blind and deaf, so it's really astonishing that he hadn't been hit by a car as he wandered in the busy streets. That's why his rescuers named him Lucky.
Falla began grooming the hapless dog at 12:00. Even though it was so late, she took her time stripping the old, dead coat away from Lucky's hyde. She patiently kept at it until what emerged was an adorable and sweet natured pup. By then, it was 3:00 am.
Falla checked for a microchip, but the dog didn't have one. Without a way to contact Lucky's owners, she decided to put him up for adoption. With that sweet face, it wouldn't be hard to rehome him.
A foster family happily took him in while he awaits a "furever" home. Meanwhile, he's celebrating Halloween with his foster family and enjoying being the center of attention.
Falla is grateful for having been involved in helping this needy creature. Lucky is not the first dog she has groomed in hopes that they will be adopted. In fact, she's known locally for her giving spirit and readiness to lend a hand to animals in need. Lucky is now settling in to his foster home and will be ready for adoption as soon as he gets fully acclimated to being someone's companion.
Lucky lives up to his name. Lots of other animals out there are in need of someone to rescue them and set them on a path to a wonderful home where they'll be loved and cared for. Foster families are always needed to help these pets transition from homeless to a "furever" home. Share this story with your friends. Would any of you consider taking in a stray until it could be adopted? If so, contact your local shelter and let them know. You may be the one who saves an animal's life!
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