Cat brothers are reunited after years apart when their owners start dating

Ozzy and Butter were siblings in a litter of six when they arrived at no-kill Petaluma Animal Shelter in Petaluma, CA. Their mother had abandoned them in a trailer park – a sad, but not uncommon, occurrence for ferals.
Six kittens are a lot for anyone to take on. Though Ozzy and Butter ended up fostered together, there was little question they would eventually be adopted out separately, which is exactly what happened.
Little did anyone know that fate would bring them back together in the same household. Love had come to town.
Cathleen Cavin adopted Ozzy for her daughter. They wanted to take Butter, too, but they lived in a place that only allowed one cat. Cathleen tried to check up on Butter, since Ozzy seemed to be missing his brother, but Butter had already been adopted only four days after Ozzy.
A year later, in 2015, Cathleen began dating a man, widower Brian Herrera, whom she had met online. Their official in-person date was on June 22, 2016. When Cathleen went back with Brian to his house, she encountered a kitty who looked just like hers. She was shocked. In addition to romance, had she found the long-lost Butter?
Cathleen and Brian compared adoption papers. It turned out that Brian had indeed adopted Butter, who was still the spitting image of his brother Ozzie.
On Valentine's Day, they reported the good news to the Petaluma Animal Shelter, where it all began, and reintroduced the two brothers. The two cats get along famously, as if two years had never passed. Their owners have since moved in together.
And they all ended up in the local news. True love conquers all.
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