These adorable dogs are so helpful, you have to see it to believe it

Sometimes we could all use a little helping hand — but what about a helping paw? Help is help, right? Does it really matter if comes from a human or an animal? Some dogs are just too darn smart, so they might as well use their smarts for good.
Also, when you're struggling and a fluffy little pup comes to help you out, you'll have something super adorable to look at. If this is not enough to convince you that some dogs just want to be helpful, take a look at these hilarious videos of dogs that just want to lend a paw.
When you have an itch you just can't scratch, maybe it's time to get a dog. Look how helpful this little pup is. It would be so nice to have a dog that would scratch you're back — maybe a little massage, too?
Who else is terrible for not making their bed? This little doggie doesn't need to be reminded to make his bed, though. Take a look at this video and watch this pup put us mere mortals to shame.
So this pup is more clever than helpful, but how many dogs do you know that can spell out their name? Watch this dog do it! Now that is one smart pup.
A pup that gives a helping hand — or should I say, paw? Watch this tiny dog sit on his owner's shoulder and collect change. Not only do these folks get to ride the subway to work, they get a show to boot!
I need this dog to come and train my kids. This is something truly amazing you just have to watch. Not only does this dog let himself in, he's also polite enough to shut the door behind him.
Everything is better when you're a part of a team. Even collecting a stick. Just a little bit of teamwork and the job gets done much faster, right?
Hunting is much better when you have a buddy and this is probably the best hunting buddy around. I bet this little guy catches lots of elks. Give this video a watch.
Dogs are not perfect and they do get into a lot of trouble but a helpful dog is one that makes and does their own punishment. Just watch these Austrailian Shepherds in action.
Independence is a valuable skill. Just watch this dog play with a ball. He doesn't need a human to play fetch. Not only that he has some serious ball handling skills.
The dog that won't let the garden die. Take a look at this adorable four-legged gardener. If your gardens need a little help, train your dog to help out.
Do we walk the dog or does the dog walk us? Watch this video and then you decide. It's also so nice to see a dog that is so good with children.
You never have to guess when this doggo wants a treat. You know how people use to ring for their dinner? This little dog has been trained to ring a bell for a treat and it's so adorable.
You gotta teach em' young. That's the key to a helpful pup. Also, teach em', you make the mess, you clean it up. In this video, this pup cleans up his own mess. Take a look.
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