These adorable dogs are so helpful, you have to see it to believe it

When you have an itch you just can't scratch, maybe it's time to get a dog. Look how helpful this little pup is.
I am terrible at making my bed. After watching this video, I think I need to get a little doggie like this.
So this pup is more clever than helpful, but how many dogs do you know that can spell out their name? Watch this dog do it!
A pup that gives a helping hand — or should I say, paw? Watch this tiny dog sit on his owner's shoulder and collect change.
I need this dog to come and train my kids. This is something truly amazing you just have to watch.
Everything is better when you're a part of a team. Even collecting a stick.
The best hunting buddy around. I bet this little guy catches lots of elks. Give this video a watch.
A helpful dog is one that makes and does their own punishment. Just watch these Austrailian Shepherds in action.
Independence is a valuable skill. Just watch this dog play with a ball. He doesn't need a human to play fetch.
The dog that won't let the garden die. Take a look at this adorable four-legged gardener.
Do we walk the dog or does the dog walk us? Watch this video and then you decide.
You never have to guess when this doggo wants a treat. After watching this video, you'll know why.
You gotta teach em' young. That's the key to a helpful pup. In this video, this pup cleans up his own mess. Take a look!
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