After being adopted this dog always escapes and comes back to the shelter and it has staff hearts melting

Gumby seemed to be the perfect dog for adoption. He was a friendly, handsome hound mix who was healthy and sound. What's not to like? That's what six different adopters thought, too. The only problem? Gumby is a gifted escape artist who always found his way back to the shelter. Deep down, Gumby knew that the right home was out there somewhere...he just had to keep trying to find it!
Found wandering the streets, eight-year-old Gumby was taken in by the Charleston Animal Society. The volunteers there figured that with his engaging, happy personality, Gumby would be adopted out in no time. They were right, except that Gumby's first adoption lasted only three days. He escaped and came back to the shelter. The next adoption lasted six days with the same results.
The third adopter tried to make things work with Gumby, but once again, he got loose and wandered back to the shelter. This situation continued for the next two years with people who adopted Gumby only to find that he was an escape artist who managed to always find a way out and back to his friends at CAS.
The situation repeated itself eleven times. Then, the CAS volunteers gave up trying to adopt Gumby out. They realized he was happy at the shelter and never tried to escape, so they put him to work. The CAS stated on their Facebook page:
"Gumby became part of our family and lived at the shelter. He displayed some amazing talents besides his Houdini imitations. Our behavior team discovered that Gumby was a natural 'greeter dog' for playgroups, so each day, he was the leader of the pack when it came to training the new guys on becoming friendly, social, playful pets."
Aside from his natural abilities in befriending and teaching social behaviors to dogs, Gumby also donated his blood every two weeks to kittens in the shelter who needed help. The CAS stated on Facebook:
"Gumby gives back! Remember Gumby the white hound who returned to the shelter 11 times and now is our playgroup King? Well, he is now a blood donor for kittens with eye infections! We draw his blood every two weeks extract the white blood cells from his blood and administer to the kittens’ eyes! (Healing eye drops) The serum from his blood has healing properties! Opie will heal faster.”
Recently, Gumby finally found his forever home. CAS volunteer John Martin and his wife adopted Gumby and moved him to New York City. Apparently, Gumby loves his new digs and the city is exciting enough that he doesn't have to search for excitement at all!
And the best news? No running away! Martin gave the CAS an update they posted on their Facebook page:
"Gumby has NEVER tried to escape! He's such a mama and daddy's boy...he's glued to our sides at all times, and we can open the apartment door and let him off leash inside our building without worrying!
Our parents LOVE Gumby too, and are always buying him gifts, so he's spoiled by 2 sets of grandparents (but we think he deserves every single one, too)!"
Gumby has finally settled down and found his place in the world. Congratulations, Gumby! We hope you stay put for quite some time! Share this amusing story with your friends and family on Facebook.
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