This dog shows up every day when school lets out just to get some free petting

Meet Lucky, a remarkable ex-stray dog from County Cavan in Ulster, on the border with Northern Ireland who goes to school for extra pats. Lucky likes to greet students every day as they come out of school.
She was first noticed in April 2017 by a local resident named Sean Conway, who posted a photo of her on Reddit after attending a school event. Conway observed her jumping up on a brick wall near the school and waiting for the students to come out.
Her tactic was successful. Some of them did indeed come over to pet her. Conway surmised from this that it was not the first time the dog had visited the school.
Once her story went viral, Lucky's owner, Ciara Clarke, soon came forward to identify her. According to Clarke, Lucky was originally a stray when she was adopted and is well-cared-for at home. Even with all the loving she gets from her adopted family, though, Lucky can't resist sneaking out to the nearby school for some extra attention of the same kind she gets at home.
Lucky isn't the first pet to greet students coming out of school, but she does appear to be one of the friendliest and open to all kinds of kids.
And it seems the school kids feel the same way toward her. This official canine greeter has become quite popular in County Cavan.
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