Found at a construction site, this stray cat with a unique face is capturing hearts on Instagram

Lily is a cute six-year-old cat with a unique face. In 2011, Lily was found with her sister at a construction site. They were only two days old.
Orphaned, these two kittens were the only survivors of their litter. They were mostly white, but they both had unusual black markings on their faces. In addition, Lily is cross-eyed, which gives her a permanent comical expression.
Their foster mother raised them and was able to adopt out Lily's sister to a good home, but she couldn't give up Lily. Lily had captured her heart.
Her human mom even made up an Instagram account for Lily, littleladylily, calling her "Lily the Rorschach Cat.
You see, though she's mostly a white cat, Lily has a unique pattern of spots on her face that make her look like a Rorschach blot chart, along with black ear tips and a black tail. ​
These markings, along with her cross-eyes and rambunctious nature, have made Lily very popular on Instagram.​
Lily shares her house and Instagram account with her human mom and her new adopted sister, a Calico with whom Lily sometimes dresses like a pirate.
Lily appears to be quite smug about her situation these days, what with her high rise cat tree, her comforter, her couch, and her cat carrier. She has everything a kitty needs for true happiness. She has hit the jackpot and found her furever home.
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