Need to brighten your day? Watch as these soldiers are reunited with their four-legged best friends

When veterans come back from fighting in a war, they often suffer from PTSD. Sometimes those soldiers find redemption in a relationship with a new dog.
But what about those who left their best friend behind when they left? Their reunion is so joyful that these soldiers never suffer from feeling unwanted. In this video, you'll meet several men returning from battle and meeting their four-legged buddies for the first time since they set foot back on American soil.
This beautiful Boxer jumped out of the window of his car and raced down the street to meet his daddy. His enthusiasm is so heartwarming!
Then there is the fluffy low-rider who burst out the front door and fairly flew to the arms of his best friend.
The last dog was a shortie; the same certainly can't be said about this pup! But large or small, each dog greets his returning hero with devotion and eagerness.
Some of them met in the great outdoors, and some had to wait until daddy came through the front door, but wherever their reunion took place, amazing joy describes them.
Watch the video and be prepared with a box of tissues. You'll need it! Do you have a pup at home who greets you with such unbridled passion at the end of your workday? Tell us about it. And share the video with your Facebook friends!​
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