Residents of quiet neighborhood find 2-year-old dog abandoned in crate with all his toys

Nothing much exciting happens in the quiet little Colonial town of Hingham on the South Shore in Massachusetts. So, local residents were surprised and dismayed in February 2017 to discover a dog abandoned by the side of the road in one of their neighborhoods. The dog was still in his crate, abandoned with all his accessories.
The mystery only deepened after the police got involved. The 2-year-old Maltese was healthy and had been well-cared for and left in a neighborhood friendly to dogs. It was speculated that his owner had been unable to care for him any longer and had abandoned him in a place where he would be found quickly by the right authorities.
Even so, abandoning an animal is a felony in Massachusetts and should never be done in place of surrendering the animal safely to a shelter, says the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which took in the little Maltese. The dog was fortunate to be picked up less than an hour after his abandonment because temperatures were at freezing that day.
Though shy at first, he soon warmed up to volunteers at the shelter. His story quickly went viral and offers to adopt him came from all over the country.
Though he was abandoned with everything he had, the dog had no microchip or any other ID. Despite several tips, the owner was never identified. After a month, he was renamed Phil and adopted out. He now has his very own furever home.
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