Don't wear a cat on your end. It doesn't end well ( + 7 spunky cat videos)

1. How about we just leave the filters for Facebook. They don't work out so well in real life. Watch what this dad did.
2. The struggle for the best spot in the bed. See who wins in this showdown.
3. This cat is very territorial over its owner. Just see how cranky he gets in this video when he smells another cat on her hand.
4. This cat is living every other cat's dream. Just watch him roll around in this cat nip.
5. Cats just love to chase lasers. This spunky cat has gone to great lengths to chase this one.
6. This cat quickly learned not to mess with this tough cat. Watch this showdown.
7. A cat who can stand his ground. He doesn't let anyone push him around.
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