Nothing to see here, just a bunch of adorable puppies doing adorable puppy things (+9 videos)

1. Who doesn't love a good swing at the park? I can't tell if this puppy is enjoying this or totally hating his life.
2. A chow puppy that is literally just walking around. This puppy doesn't have to do anything. It's just so adorable.
3. The gang's all here! Watch these puppies watching their tiny TV.
4. This little pup really knows how to bust a move. Even if it's feeding time.
5. This looks like a total dream. How nice it would be to have a ton of corgis climbing all over you.
6. This little pup is learning to howl and it's just downright adorable. See for yourself and watch this video.
7. We all have that one annoying friend. This big dog knows just how to deal with this pup. You gotta see this.
8. Don't just love getting a new toy? These puppies sure do — even if it's not technically a dog toy.
9. I bet that cold tile feels great on this little pup's belly. Watch this pup slide across the floor.
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