Shelter dog becomes K-9 cop for a day to help him get adopted

Mickey was a six-year-old bull terrier mix who needed a home. He had been at the Nebraska Humane Society shelter for over four months, and the time spent in the shelter was beginning to wear on him. That's when the La Vista Police Department proposed a partnership with the humane society, and through the creation of a unique program, Mickey found his forever home.
The program the police department designed is called "K9 for a Day," and it involves a shelter dog joining a police officer for a ride along during his or her shift. Mickey was picked as the first dog to take part in the program.
The purpose of the program is to give a shelter dog some time out of the facility, where dogs can become stressed and depressed, and get some attention from members of the community.
"We love this partnership," said Pam Wiese, a spokesperson for the Nebraska Humane Society. "The dogs are more relaxed, and they are able to showcase their personalities as they interact in a more normal, natural way."
La Vista Police Captain Brian Waugh suggested the idea to the humane society. "It seemed like a win-win for both of us, where we could definitely continue our programs with involving our community, but also help the Humane Society find a great home for a great dog," said Waugh.
On his K-9 Cop day, Mickey was picked up and taken to the police station to receive an official police patch for his collar. Paired with Officer Jeanette, Mickey walked the beat near some local stores and greeted the members of the community with a smile and plenty of tail wags.
Mickey's favorite part of the day was sticking his head out the window of the police cruiser as they drove around town.
The program proved to be effective right away when, after a variety of social media coverage, a woman names Shannon Andresen fell in love with Mickey and begged her boyfriend to adopt him for her. "I said, ‘Tyler, get me that dog and you'll make me the happiest girl in the world,’" says Andresen. "Game over."
Now, Mickey has a forever home where he is loved and cared for, all thanks to the efforts of the Nebraska Humane Society and the La Vista Police Department. "We were thrilled that Mickey’s exposure got him a new home, and the right home too!” Wiese says. “That is really what our mission is, finding a good home for every pet."
As for Mickey, his new owners adore him, from his playful nature to his adorable snores. "We absolutely love him," Andresen gushes. "He's so perfect that I can't get over it."
We hope that the humane society and the police department continue their joint efforts to get other dogs, like Mickey, adopted into loving homes. Watch the video of Mickey's bug day below, then share this sweet story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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