Box left out in the snow was barely visible but thankfully one man spotted it cause there was something inside

With Thanksgiving upon us, most of us turn our thoughts to things we are grateful for. Loved ones, especially, but our pets rank right up there alongside family. We're grateful for the life our pets devote totally to us.
So why would someone leave pets out in the snow, in a styrofoam box, where there was no shelter or food nearby? Surely he knew what the result would be! This is the story of two very grateful pets that were rescued by a man who knows what gratitude means.
Driving down a deserted road at the end of a long day, a man just happened to look out his window into a lightly wooded spot and saw a box, nearly covered with snow. There were no houses on this road, and next to no traffic. A truly desolate spot. Curious, he stopped to see what the box was all about.
As he got closer, his heart dropped. He could see a young kitten inside. Astonished that someone's kitten would be out in the severe cold weather, he stooped down to see the little cat.
Once he got close enough, he realized that there were not one, but two kittens inside—and they were very sick. What kind of person would have left these fragile babies to fend for themselves like that? His heart broke, and he decided to do something to make things right again.
He brought home two ginger kittens, a male and a female, obviously brother and sister. But they were so sick! The male was much worse than the female, and the man wondered if he had rescued them in time.
The man's family all helped, first trying to raise the kittens' temperature by wrapping them in warm blankets. The female responded immediately, purring her thanks. But what about the male?
They were afraid the little boy wouldn't make it through the night. Meanwhile, the little girl was doing everything in her power to show her gratitude to the man who had taken them home.
She snuggled up against everyone there, purring and showing just how happy she was. But brother wasn't doing very well.
As soon as it was possible, the kittens were taken to the vet, who took care of them and got them well again.
This story has a happy ending. It could have been much, much different. How grateful we are that the man noticed the box and stopped to check it out. Now, two ginger kittens are warm and cared for, as it should be.
When you share this story with your friends on Facebook, remember to give hearty thanks for your own family (including pets) and keep your eyes open. You, too, may someday be the one who makes the difference between life and death for an animal who so desperately needs help. Happy holiday!
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