This dog was found malnourished and almost dead but your jaw will drop when you see what she looks like now

The dog stumbled upon the side of the road, apparently suffering from a skin disease, and consisting of nothing but skin and bones. Her emaciated body spoke volumes about the hard life she had led, a life that was slowly leading her to a lonely end. That's when two passersby decided to step in and change this dog's life forever.
Despite the dog's condition --- she was riddled with mange and covered with open wounds --- the dog was alert and friendly when the two women approached her. They called the dog Kelsey, and without hesitation, the dog leaped into their car as if she knew she was headed for a better life.
The dog's rescuers immediately took her to a veterinarian and treatment for bacterial infections and parasites was started right away.
Kelsey was calm and accommodating through the entire process as if she knew that she was now in the hands of people who cared about her.
With time, care, and love, Kelsey began to live the life every dog should. She learned to socialize with other people and dogs.
Her treatments and good, regular food resulted in a new fur coat and a healthy body.
The care that her rescuers secured for her made all the difference in the world for this dog. What could have been her end instead became a new beginning.
Kelsey's rescuers also became her adopters, and now this dog has gone from death's door to have a full, happy, healthy life ahead of her.
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