Car full of dogs start freaking when they find out where they're going and you just have to see it

This cute video, posted on August 28, went viral in late summer 2017. Four dogs are in a car when their daddy asks them, "Where are we going?" The dogs immediately start howling, beginning with the one in the front passenger seat. Pointers are smart, energetic dogs, so it's tough to fool them. Whatever their destination, they've figured it out.
No, they're not going to the vet. These dogs aren't howling because they're upset. Far from it. They're actually bursting with excitement and anticipation. Dad is taking them to the dog park.
But these four Pointers just can't contain themselves. The park is their favorite place! And now, thanks to Dad's question, they know where they're going. It's Christmas and Fourth of July all rolled into one big biscuit.
In what is certainly a well-known ritual to them by now, the dogs begin to whimper and wail, feeding off each other's energy until one of the ones in the back can't contain himself any longer and crawls up front with his sibling and Dad.
Dad tries to get him to go back, but he's having none of it.
It's not until they reach their destination that the dogs finally calm down, but just imagine what they'll be like as soon as they get out of the car. They'll really howl, then. Dad may have a lot more trouble getting them back into the car than out of it.
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