It's been a year since these kittens were found under a house. You have to see them now

Just over a year ago, Reddit user RedArremerAce and his roommate heard chirping sounds coming from underneath their house. Their discovery gave two little souls a chance to live happy, healthy lives, and the record of these cats' rescue and growth has gone viral.
When he pulled into his driveway the next day, RedArremerAce heard the sounds again. "With daylight on my side, I was determined to get to the bottom of it. My roommate beat me to the crawl space access and let out a loud 'Aww!'. She turned her head and said, 'It's a kitten!'" he said.
At first, RedArremerAce felt bad for not investigating the noise more thoroughly the previous evening.
He explained,"I felt guilty, wishing I had tried harder to investigate the night before. I hurried over to the crawl space and had a look inside with my iPhone's flashlight. There, in the dirt, was a precious little black ball of fluff. Eyes still closed, sniffing the air and crying — quite loudly at this point."
But there was another surprise in store for the two rescuers when they heard more sounds from the other side of the crawl space. It was another kitten! They brought the babies inside to get them warm and clean, and to find some way to feed them.
"By this point I was searching the web to see how others had handled these situations in the past. I found everything from exhaustive 'how-to' guides to forum discussions that led me to believe their mother may be off hunting for food for herself, and that they would have a better chance of survival if we let her handle them on her own," RedArremerAce said.
"We discussed it and decided that if there was a mother she must not have been around for a while considering how hungry and filthy they were," he stated.
So the kittens made themselves at home, and a year later, they are happy, healthy, thriving adult cats!
RedArremerAce notes, "I stayed up late and woke up early to bottle feed and clean these little monsters every four hours. One year later they have all their shots and they’re happy and healthy. Not to mention frickin’ huge!"
"I love these two very much. They sleep in bed with me every night and they hang out with me all day when I work (I work from home). Honestly the most well behaved animals I’ve ever seen. This past year hasn’t been the greatest for me but these two have been nothing short of a blessing," he exclaims.
The two cats, named Inky and Sue, have their own Imgur page, and will no doubt love and entertain their owners and their throngs of Reddit fans in the years to come. Share this happy rescue story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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