Puppy is reunited with sister for a playdate and their reactions are just the sweetest

If you grew up with siblings, you can relate to playing with them and with having them as best friends. Perhaps Venti Mocha, a young Beagle, might feel that way too. At least, that was the reasoning behind getting her and her sister, Penny, together for a playdate.
These two pups and two other sibs started off life with a handicap. Their mother rejected them, and they were separated early on. Two of the pups went to a single home, but Penny and Mocha Venti were divided.
Although Venti loves to play with people, she's always been rather hesitant about interacting with other dogs. Perhaps as a result of her early separation, she didn't have the socializing and training that a mother dog and siblings develop.
Venti loved going for walks and romping with her two human dads and following them around when she's tired. But other dogs? Forget it!
So to get her better socialized, Nicholas Beccari, Venti’s new dad, decided a playdate was in order. Fortunately, he knew the folks who adopted Penny, Venti's sister.
As always, the little Beagle was happy to be going someplace in the car, but she had no idea she would soon be reunited with her sister.
AT first, Venti was wary of Penny and a little resistant to the idea of playing together. It didn't take too long, though, for the siblings to recognize each other and start playing.
And the more they played, the more they played! “Venti was a little standoffish at first like she normally is around dogs, but warmed up eventually,” Beccari said. “Penny was pretty persistent so I’m sure that helped.”
The playdate was such a huge success that Venti's dads plan to get the girls together again soon. And it was a tired, but happy, little dog who went home to sleep and dream about romping with her sister sometime soon.
Have you been to a family reunion lately? Getting together with your family is especially fun when your brothers and/or sisters are there. Perhaps we don't roll around in the grass (or maybe you do!) but the best part is reminiscing about our days growing up together, isn't it? Tell us what you think in the comments!​
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