These puppies were near death and covered in scabs. They helped each other heal and you have to see them now

The two puppies were not at all what a man from Puerto Rico expected to find just a couple months ago. Their condition shocked him --- they were covered in scabs and painful sores --- and he feared that they would not live much longer in their dire state. In desperation, he took them home to try to nurse them back to health.
This compassionate man quickly realized that the puppies needed more medical and financial help than he could offer them. He contacted a local rescue group, Souls of Satos, and they reached out to their partner rescue, the AMA Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, New York, for assistance.
The AMA Animal Rescue representatives were horrified by the pictures that they saw of the puppies' conditions. They wrote on their Facebook page, "What [Souls of Santos] showed us was so disturbing that we couldn't even cry from the shock. We saw 3-month-old defenseless little puppies covered head to toe in scabs, raw skin on their paws, and covered in patches of skin hanging and about to fall off. And without help, they wouldn't have lived to be even 6 months old."
The Brooklyn rescue outfit quickly moved to raise funds to pay for the puppies' medical care, and once they were safe and stabilized, for their transportation to the United States.
The puppies went through a week of intensive medical care but showed signs of responding favorably to the treatment. The AMA Animal Rescue was dedicated to saving these puppies, named Snow and Shylah, then finding them a loving, forever home in New York.
But despite the rescue's efforts, it was ultimately up to the dogs to determine if they wanted to fight to live. The two siblings pushed each other to fight for life and were there for each other through thick and thin. Their perseverance and love helped them beat the odds, and in October, they arrived in New York in much better condition than they were found the month before.
Better yet, the puppies were soon adopted together to a loving family! We hope these two best friends have many happy, healthy days ahead of them in the future.
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