After being left motherless, this kitten won't stop cuddling her new "sister"

Family isn't always a matter of blood. You can adopt your nearest and dearest. This is what happened to Cheyenne, a little gray kitten from Las Vegas with unique face markings who was adopted into a furever home with two other kitties in September 2016. The oldest cat, black-and-white Jenny, paid her no mind, but a slightly older kitten, calico Pearl, felt differently.
Pearl quickly took Cheyenne under her paw. Pearl had been fostered by the same person, Nikki. She had been adopted a few months before in May, by Cheyenne's new human mom Amy. But Jenny didn't pay any attention to Pearl, either, and Pearl was lonely.
So, Amy got another kitten – Cheyenne – to be her friend.
Cheyenne had felt neglected at the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Shelter. She had lost all her siblings and had no other kitties her age to play with. The big, impersonal shelter was a stifling environment for a rambunctious little kitten looking for play friends.
But Pearl was happy to show her the ropes in her new home. Pearl knew all about how to have fun with her house humans, toys and cat tree. ​
Cheyenne soon blossomed under Pearl's tutelage and followed her new big sister everywhere. Within weeks, they were inseparable.
Cheyenne and Pearl now spend their days cuddling, grooming, eating from the same bowl, and watching birds.
Cheyenne is now even as big as Pearl!
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