Man saved kittens from industrial site but then notices something bizarre about them

The city of Montreal, Quebec in Canada starts to turn chilly early in the fall. When a man discovered a bunch of kittens at his work site in an industrial area there in September 2017, he knew they would be in trouble as the weather got colder. So, he went back looking for them.
He was able to trap six kittens who were only seven weeks old. One of them was immediately adopted out privately. He brought the others to local cat rescue Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Orphan Kittens of Montreal). As they had them checked out at the vet and rid of parasites, the rescue workers quickly discovered something remarkable about these particular kittens. Two of them were polydactyl cats.
Polydactyls are cats with more than five (usually six) toes on each foot. The condition is a genetic mutation. It is most common in eastern North America and the southern UK. The most famous polydactyls in the world live in Key West, Florida in the eastern U.S. They are a group of about fifty descendants of cats once owned by writer Ernest Hemingway, who had a fascination with polydactyls. They live in his former home (now a museum).
The kittens in Montreal were a collection of three boys and two girls, ranging in color from black to gray to tiger gray. The rescue named them Chaplin, Alpha, Muslie, Zia and Vinnie.
The two gray kittens, Alpha and Muslie, are polydactyls.
Though initially very shy and skittish, the kittens thrived at their foster home. They quickly became friendly and inquisitive. In almost no time, they were all adopted out. May all lost kitties find their furever homes.
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