Man was asked very weird question about cats during interview and now he knows why

I lived for a while in Russia, where the concept of "personal space" didn't exist. After seven years there, it took me some weeks to regain my western culture mindset about how close to stand to another person. But in all my travels and in all my jobs, I've never been asked if I have issues with personal space in an interview. This man was!
As he was interviewing for a job in the clinical research field, he didn't expect to be asked his feelings about cats, either. "Do you like cats?" one question queried. "Do you have issues with personal space?" was another.
Then he met one of his "co-workers." The white, very affectionate cat lives in his boss's office. Problem was, that's where the man would need to be most of his work time hours.
Unless he had to leave to check books or patient charts at clinics, or drop off and return drugs, he would spend all his time in the boss's study writing reports and follow-up letters.
Answering "Yes" to the question about liking cats and "No" to the one about personal space issues were actually key questions that helped him land the job.
This is a very generous office cat. He is there to "help" every day, even if the employee doesn't need help. The confusion over the unusual questions is now cleared up for the man who really does like his job—and his co-worker!
Have you ever had a strange encounter in a job interview? We'd like to hear about it! And share this story with your friends. Who knows? Maybe it will help them be prepared the next time they go out job-hunting!
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