Family wins the heart of stray cat that came begging at their back door

It's not that uncommon for stray cats to show up at the door, especially in places where they're dumped by uncaring former owners. In November 2017, this family had just moved into the neighborhood and had no backyard fence. So, clues were scarce when a pretty tiger kitty showed up.
They left food out and she ate it as if she were starving. She seemed otherwise healthy but skittish. They couldn't tell if she was young or just small. At first, she ran away whenever they tried to approach her. They named her Maple.
After taking some pictures, they tried to find Maple's owner on social media.
There was no response. She had been well and truly abandoned.
They were finally able to catch her and get her inside, but their nine-year-old cat didn't like her. They couldn't keep her.
Fortunately, the dad in the family had a coworker with three cats and a dog who could take her in. Off to the vet she went, where she was tested for FIV (negative) and a chip (also negative). She was only four or five months old and had never been spayed.
Sure enough, she turned out to be pregnant. That was one reason why she'd been so hungry.
Maple's new family took this all in stride, having fostered kittens before. Now she is waiting to give birth. Once she does, she will finally get spayed. Lucky Maple and her kittens have found a home.
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