Don't let these tiny dogs fool you. 7+ small dogs that are owning it

1. Lola the small and mighty goat herder. This tiny dog has some serious skills.
2. These slippers are no match for this little pup. Watch him in action.
3. Taking on a big dog is a big risk but this little one never backs down from a challenge.
4. This tiny guy may not know what to do with this ball but that sure doesn't stop him from trying. Check this out.
5. Master of the stairs. Tiny corgi makes it his mission to get to the top. Does he make it? Watch this and find out.
6. Leaping lizards! Or should I say leaping puppy?
7. There's nothing like a Mastiff couch. This one just happens to make the perfect sitting place.
8. Safety is #1 and this little pup isn't taking any chances. That's why he insists on wearing his life jacket.
9. Little doggo goes to great lengths to protect his dinner. Nothing is getting by him.
10. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these adorable puppies with their BFF.
11. Doesn't matter how big this tennis ball is, this little pup has it mastered.
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