Don't let these tiny dogs fool you. 7+ small dogs that are owning it

Tiny dogs just have a certain spark, spunk — well, maybe some might just call it being hyper but either way you look at it, you can't deny that tiny dogs tend to steal the show. They also like to own it.
Whether they are going up against larger animals or even just playing around with their owners, they like to let you know who's boss. They have to, though. They can't let the bigger ones push them around. They have to stand their ground and that's exactly what these tiny dogs are doing. Check out these videos and see for yourself
1. Lola the small and mighty goat herder. This tiny dog has some serious skills. Who needs a big farm dog when you have this tiny pup around?
2. These slippers are no match for this little pup. She is the queen of the sofa and she's not gonna let any slippers push her off. Watch her in action.
3. Taking on a big dog is a big risk but this little one never backs down from a challenge. Watch these two duke it out for the bed.
4. This tiny guy may not know what to do with this ball but that sure doesn't stop him from trying. We all have to start somewhere, right? Check this out.
5. Master of the stairs. Tiny corgi makes it his mission to get to the top. Does he make it? Watch this and find out.
6. Leaping lizards! Or should I say leaping puppy? This little fluff ball takes flight in this adorable video that you just have to see.
7. There's nothing like a Mastiff couch. This one just happens to make the perfect sitting place. Check out these two BFFs that couldn't be more opposite.
8. Safety is #1 and this little pup isn't taking any chances. That's why he insists on wearing his life jacket. It doesn't matter that he's nowhere near water. He'll be safe no matter what.
9. Little doggo goes to great lengths to protect his dinner. Nothing is getting by him — certainly not this feline. Check this out.
10. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these adorable puppies with their BFF.
11. Doesn't matter how big this tennis ball is, this little pup has it mastered. Who says you can't have fun with a toy that is twice your size? Not this guy!
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