Family heard meowing coming from under their balcony and rushed to help this stray

Halloween is a time of tricks and treats. In 2017, the treat for one family in Montreal, Quebec in Canada turned out to be a little black kitten named Pumkin.
They first heard him mewing under the balcony in the cold. This brave little kitten was terrified and alone, but decided to seek out help from these strange humans. That saved his life.
He appeared to be very young, about six weeks old, and very hungry. They quickly put down a bowl of food among their decorations and he ate as if he were starving.
A trip to the vet with a volunteer from local rescue Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Orphan Kittens of Montreal) indicated that he was, indeed, very hungry, on top of having parasites. He had been abandoned and no one knew how long it had been since he'd last eaten. In addition, he was covered in thorns, so he couldn't even sleep comfortably.
The rescue named him Pumkin, in honor of the holiday. He was soon fostered out. Initially, he was quite shy, but with some food and medicine, on top of warmth and shelter, he quickly began to grow. The thorns were carefully combed out of his fur, which is predicted to grow out long and fluffy. He became very friendly, grateful for his human rescuers and playing with other kittens in the house.
At the age of three months - seven weeks after his rescue - Pumkin was adopted. By reaching out to a family that cold October day, Pumkin survived to find his furever home.
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