10-year-old crosseyed cat was on death row but luckily someone stepped in to save her

As an abandoned stray, the Siamese cat with the crossed eyes was caught by animal control and send to a kill shelter. She waited, her time rapidly running out, when the rescuers from The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts, heard about the cat with the unique eyes and saved her life.
The cat, named Majesty, is ten-years-old and was listed at the shelter as having a heart murmur and dental problems. But when The Odd Cat Sanctuary took her to the vet for an examination, it turned out that Majesty was perfectly healthy with no heart murmur. With a teeth cleaning, she was ready to head to the rescue and wait for the right person to adopt her.
The Odd Cat Sanctuary didn't think it would take very long for Majesty to find a new home. Although her crossed eyes give her a unique appearance, she is also a sweet, loving cat who purrs and offers head-bumps whenever people stop to visit her at the rescue.
"She is the sweetest soul on the planet, she loves everyone, especially kids," said the rescue. "She purrs nonstop and just wants to be held. She's a gentle soul."
Majesty has been staying with a foster family while waiting for her future owner to adopt her. The rescue is mystified as to why Majesty hasn't received a single adoption application, even after her story was posted on the rescue's Facebook page in early December.
Majesty may be cross-eyed, but her vision is excellent, and she loves people and enjoys lots of snuggling.
Could you be the right person for this beautiful, sweet cat? If you are interested in adopting Majesty, contact the rescue here. Hopefully, this dear soul will have a new home soon! Share Majesty's story with your friends and family on Facebook.
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