Hissing kitty loves to act like he's angry but really has come to find love at a special place

Junior is a feisty little fellow. This little gray tiger kitten first arrived at a vet clinic and rescue shortly after Christmas on December 28, 2017. A worker there, Jessie, who runs the trashcanjonesfosters Instagram account, immediately noticed that Junior had an attitude problem.
Speculation is that Junior was a feral kitten who had been separated from his mother. Such kittens have a short window of time in which to be socialized. After that, they become shy and distrustful of humans. The window of time varies, with some kittens growing up friendly. But most start to turn feral after about eight weeks.
Though fortunately, he had already been weaned, Junior was beginning to turn feral when he was brought in. He was shy and hissed when approached in his cage.
But then something remarkable happened. When Jessie patted his head and stroked his fur, Junior realized he liked it! Almost immediately, he began to purr. Maybe this being touched by humans thing wasn't so bad, after all.
Soon, Junior was getting cuddles every chance he could get, despite the occasional hiss, still, just to make sure people knew he was fierce.
But it turned out he'd already caught the heart of another nurse at the clinic, Leah. She ended up taking him home to foster and then keeping him. Renamed Fergus, cute and hissy Junior found his forever home by New Year's Day.
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