No one wanted this cranky cat but thankfully one woman decided to give her a chance

Life was not going well for Buttons. She had been at a shelter for over a year, was adopted, and then was returned to the rescue. Unhappy and depressed, Buttons did not want to be touched or petted at all. She was the sourpuss of the shelter, and no one could blame her for feeling the way she did.
But one woman, Tory, saw Buttons and thought that the grumpiness was just a defense against a life that had let this beautiful long-haired cat down time and time again. She heard about Buttons sad story --- she was surrendered to the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Massachusetts because her senior owners could no longer care for her. The new home Buttons was adopted into had a dog, and they did not get along. Now, the five-year-old cat was back in the shelter and unhappy. Tory was determined to change that attitude.
Tory is the daughter of one of the staffers at the shelter, and Buttons caught her eye as soon as she came back to the rescue. "I noticed Buttons right away. She was clearly not a happy camper. She growled if anyone got near her, didn't like to be touched, and cried all the time," Tory said.
"I grew up with affectionate lap cats, and from what I could tell, Buttons was the total opposite of that," Tory explained. "After learning more about her, I realized why she was that way… she was alone, scared and abandoned, and that broke my heart."
Tory had decided to adopt a cat from the shelter, and her mom suggested she consider Buttons. "I had envisioned having a more friendly cat and was unsure if she would change. But I saw something special in her and felt the need to help this overlooked little soul," Tory said.
To their surprise, as soon as she brought Buttons home, they saw an immediate change in her behavior. "It was like a switch flipped in her the minute we brought her home. She strutted out of her carrier, then promptly fell asleep in a closet after inspecting every inch of our apartment. We saw her change from a scared, grouchy girl to a happy, spoiled queen in no time at all," Tory shared. ​
Buttons' attitude changed completely! "Misunderstood is exactly how I described her while she was in the shelter! Since she moved in, she has been a sweet, goofy and rambunctious little friend with a fresh side and is the queen of our home," said Tory.
Now Buttons loves life with her family and the friends who visit regularly. Tory said, "Wherever we are, she is. She faithfully waits by the front door every day for her humans to come home, and sleeps at the foot of the bed every night."
Buttons has been living the good life for almost three years now. Here's to many more happy times for this sweet cat! Share Buttons' story with your cat-loving family and friends on Facebook.
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