Postal worker found kitten running in front of mail truck so he decided to deliver her, too

A special delivery lead to an unexpected package recently for a United States Postal Worker in Brooklyn, New York. While driving to a home, the postal worker saw a tiny kitten race in front of her truck. She slammed on the brakes as the kitten ran right up to her, looking for help. The mailman knew she couldn't leave the kitten, so she picked her up and put her in a box in the back of her truck.
The postal worker knew of a nearby feral cat rescue called Flatbush Cats, so she took the kitten to them knowing they could help. "We're a trap, neuter, return organization so we occasionally do rescue work… I didn't know the postal worker, somehow she knew that we did rescue work in the neighborhood. The kitten ran out in front of her truck and wouldn't take no for an answer," Flatbush Cats rescue said.
The rescue took the kitten in and immediately gave her a flea bath --- and removing roughly 100 fleas within an hour! The kitten, now named Charli, also had a filling meal and then fell into a fitful sleep.
Flatbush Cats was amazed at how the kitten came to be in their rescue. "This kitten needed help and she was willing to run in front of a big scary mail truck to get it. And it worked," they said.
Amazingly, a couple of weeks later during a feral cat trapping, Flatbush Cats successfully caught Charli's brother, named Wallace. One of the rescuers said, "Since I had all the equipment with me, he was manually coaxed into the trap with some sardines."
Both kittens were reunited after they had overcome their infections; little Wallace had roundworm and Charli had a respiratory infection.​
"All kittens need a playmate/companion. I'm so relieved that she's reunited with her brother," Flatbush Cats said.
Both kittens quickly regained their health and began to put on weight. The rescue then prepared to find a permanent home for the feline siblings.
It didn't take long for an adopter to be taken by these two sweet kittens. "Good things come in small packages, but it's time for our special deliveries to move along. It was a ton of work and I'm sad to see them go, but thrilled that we could get Charli back to good health and find them a loving forever home. I gave their new mom the original cardboard box Charli arrived in, they still love to play and sleep in it," the rescue said.
Charli's instinct to capture the attention of the postal worker not only put her on the path to a new life but her brother as well. Share this story about these beautiful kittens with your family and friends on Facebook.
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