Brave puppy on the mend after almost fatal alligator attack

Alligator attacks in the Southeastern United States are no joke. Florida is especially known for attacks on both animals and humans. Following Hurricane Irma in October 2017, the waters were especially high and the alligators stirred up by the weather.
Seven-month-old puppy Chloe should have been safe in her backyard on Merrit Island, even though it was next to a swamp. But with flood waters still high, the swamp decided to come to Chloe.
Chloe's human mom Jo Ellen Kleinhenz heard Chloe yelping in terror and came running. She was stunned by what she saw – an alligator was dragging Chloe into the swamp. Chloe was already nearly underwater, desperately holding onto a stick with her teeth to keep her head clear.
Horrified, Jo Ellen and a kind stranger managed to scare the alligator away, allowing Chloe to swim to safety. But Chloe still had a long way to go. Once she got to the vet, Jo Ellen found out just how long.
The alligator had ripped open Chloe's stomach, crushed one of her back feet, and chomped on her shoulder. Also, Chloe had contaminated swamp water in her lungs and stomach thanks to her desperate struggle. Would she survive?
It took some major surgery and intensive care at nearby Courtenay Animal Hospital. And Chloe ended up losing her back left leg. But she pulled through. Now, she's recovering and almost acts as though she still has four legs instead of three. This sweet girl is one lucky pup!
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