Lovable pup who beat cancer wears hooded ear hats for one very special reason

If you're a Pixar fan, you've probably seen Monsters, Inc, in which the hero is a giant, blue, fluffy monster named Skully. His job is to scare little kids in their sleep. But this Skully is a sweet, gentle pit bull mix who makes his home at one of the Best Friends Animal Society shelters, the largest no-kill animal organization in the nation. With his knitted hoods on, he doesn't look like the kind who makes kids scream—and he isn't!
Fortunately for the white dog, neither his breed nor the fact that he had cancer dissuaded his rescuers from taking him in. And that's good, because other shelters might have decided he would be too hard to find a home for, and put him on their euthanize list. His champions, instead, got him the surgery he needed to beat his cancer.
Surgery required the removal of his ear, so donations of specially made hoods poured in to protect the healing wound. And Scully didn't seem to mind wearing them at all!
After the operation, Scully was in high spirits and loving on everybody. His friends decided to take him on an extra-long walk—straight to the Dog Headquarters, where donated goodies and toys for shelter animals' Christmas presents are piled in a sleigh. He nosed around until he found just the toy he wanted on Christmas morning.
Cancer is a difficult illness, but Skully seems to have put it all behind him. When the vet said "cancer free!" the whole staff celebrated.
Now that Scully's back on his feet again, everyone is hoping someone will show up to adopt him. And his own new year's resolution is to wag his happy tail even more!
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a haven for unwanted companion animals. Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses and other animals, even those needing long-term care, find a home-between-homes at the Sanctuary. More than 1,600 animals live there at any one time. They transport animals to all 50 states and Canada, so if you're looking for a perfect pet this year, why not give them a call at 435-644-2001, or visit their website to learn more about this amazing organization!
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