The chain is cut and an imprisoned dog is set free (+10 powerful rescue photos you have to see)

There are thousands of people who dedicate their lives each day to end the suffering of animals, including individuals, shelters, and rescues. The dedication that these rescuers show to all animals in painful and difficult circumstances is courageous and heroic. One of these incredible organizations is the Animal Rescue Corps, a group based in Washington, D.C., but operating in all parts of North America.
The mission of Animal Rescue Corps is to "end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, and to inspire the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals." The primary goal of this rescue is to rescue animals who are abused or who are victims of natural disasters. In 2017, the organization helped to give numerous dogs their first taste of freedom in a long time.
In some cases, it was breaking the chains that literally imprisoned dogs in unhealthy and dangerous situations...
...or breaking dogs out of unsanitary and unethical puppy mills...​ rescuing dogs left abandoned in cages...
...and those trapped in hoarding situations.
The Animal Rescue Corps also saves animals from neglectful owners...​
...and provides loving hands and arms to the voiceless victims...
They love the animals who have not been loved by their owners...
...and give these sweet souls a path to a new life full of love and health.
Without organizations like the Animal Rescue Corps, this puppy might not be looking at a bright future...​
...but instead confined to a life of misery and cruelty.
Would you like to help organizations like the Animal Rescue Corps continue their mission? Donate here, or look up local organizations in your area. Help organizations rescue the helpless animal victims of human carelessness and cruelty. Give more dogs, cats, and other pets a chance at the life they truly deserve.
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