Man sticks note to dog's collar and then abandons her outside of Dunkin' Donuts

There is a never-ending epidemic it seems, of people who just drop their pets and abandon them. Leaving people everywhere wondering, what kind of person does this?
I mean, how can you just pull up somewhere, toss a helpless animal out the car and then carry on with the rest of your life? Well, for one man in New Mexico, he made it seem quite easy.
He even stopped to get a coffee in the process.
On December 26, 2017, City Animal Services in Sante Fe received a terrible phone call that a man had left a dog in the parking lot at a local Dunkin' Donuts.
That's not even the most disturbing part — the man pulled up to the Dunkin' Donuts, got his dog out of the van and left her outside with a note tied around her neck. He went into the Dunkin' Donuts, purchased a coffee and then left without his dog.
The note tied around the dog's neck read, "I'm free. I'm having babies."
As if that wasn't sad enough, the poor animal tried to follow the man into the Dunkin' Donuts but was totally ignored. It makes you wonder what is going on is someone's head that they can do this.
This story isn't all bad, though. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society has taken in the "Dunkin' Donuts dog" which they have renamed, Jackie and are currently getting her ready for adoption.
Also, the man who dumped the dog has been caught and was ticketed for animal neglect.
Although stories like these are sad and shouldn't happen, The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society are using this as an opportunity to educate people on what to do should they feel the need to abandon their dogs.
In a well-written post, on their Facebook page, they explain to people what to do when you just can't care for your pet anymore.
We are so happy to hear that Jackie is safe and well on her way to finding a new home!
Share this story and let's spread awareness of animal abandonment. You never know, it may help out a furry friend in need!
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