Sick stray kitten crawls out from bush just in the nick of time

On July 18, 2017, a little girl found a starving kitten in a backyard in Los Angeles. The fluffy little gray-and-white kitten came out of the bushes, seeking help. It was starving, so weak that it could not walk straight.
Its mother had either abandoned it or died.
The girl brought the kitten to a woman named Sandra Lee, who rescues and fosters cats. Sandra didn't expect the kitten to live, but she brought it immediately to a veterinarian, anyway.
The kitten, a little girl Sandra named Livvie, was just skin and bones. The vet said that she had been so hungry that she was eating everything she could find. It had poisoned her so badly that she was shaking.
Sandra began to nurse her back to health. Miraculously, Livvie began to recover. At first, she couldn't even poop without help, so Sandra started a Help LivvieLive Poop fund. Finally, three weeks later, Livvie was able to poop in a box on her own.
Livvie wouldn't have survived for much longer on her own if she hadn't sought help from the little girl who found her. And she probably would have been put down if taken to a shelter because she required so much help. But she thrived on Sandra's care and began to grow like a weed. She had a cute, raspy meow that made her a hit on social media.
Livvie was finally adopted in January 2018.
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