Dog that's stuck in the cone of shame is comforted by an unlikely pal

Poor Zep. This sweet Golden Retriever frequently has to wear a Cone of Shame. Now age ten, he was diagnosed at three with cancer, and has struggled with skin conditions and other secondary ailments ever since, thanks to a weakened immune system.
Still, being able to survive cancer for seven years is a big deal for a dog, though the cost has been high in terms of pride. No dog or cat loves the Cone of Shame (a big plastic cone around the head that prevents a pet from licking or scratching at surgical stitches and other sensitive areas).
Zep has been a trooper about it, but his human mom, Amber Gerick, knows that it can get him down.
Zep is very attached to his duck friend, Quackity. This yellow, fluffy toy goes with Zep everywhere.
Sometimes, it sees a little too much action. Even chronically ill dogs can get overenthusiastic about their chewing.
So, Amber came up with an idea to help Zep with his cone issues. When she visited Disneyworld, she got him a new toy friend, a stuffed version of the dog character Dug from the Disney film Up. And this new friend also had … a Cone of Shame, just like Zep.
Zep was so happy to meet his new friend that he posed with him, both of them wearing their Cone of Shame, this time as a badge of pride and friendship.
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