Dog turned her back on the world but one woman never gave up on her

Poor Peaches. When she first came to the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York City in March 2014, the little brown-and-white pit bull was scared and depressed. Found on the street, she couldn't stop shaking. She wouldn't eat or take treats and wouldn't interact with any of the staff or other dogs.
After a little while, she crawled into a volunteer's lap, but she had a long way to go. The shelter environment was unhealthy for her. It only made her more scared. But she couldn't be placed with fosters because she was aggressive with other dogs, chewed everything up, and busted out of crates.
After six months, the staff raised money to send her to a professional dog trainer, but her crate training was so disastrous, they sent her back, saying it was too unsafe. Peaches continued to languish at the shelter, becoming more dysfunctional, until she was finally placed with another trainer, Ryan Chase in Rhode Island, in October 2016.
It took a while, but Chase was able to help Peaches with all of her behavior issues. He even helped her learn how to trust. She became a much happier and more outgoing dog.
Unfortunately, even after a year, no one would adopt her. She needed a special home where her human family would continue the training Chase had begun with her.
Finally, Amy Stemhagen of Hamilton, NJ (a four-hour drive away) saw Peaches featured on Facebook. Stemhagen and her two teenage sons had recently lost their beloved pit bull Glenda. They were actively looking for a dog like Peaches. They drove all the way up to Rhode Island and took her home to see if she could adjust to their household. They formally adopted her in December 2017.
Now Peaches has her own backyard to play in and plenty of rubber toys to destroy. She's turned into quite a snuggler, too. After three years, Peaches has finally found her forever home.
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