Woman stopped to help sad street dog and was repaid with a grateful heart

Laura Forma rescues dogs. So, when she saw a dog crossing the street behind her in Houston, TX in January 2018, she immediately turned around and followed him into the parking lot next to a strip plaza. Yes, she already had eight rescues (two of them fosters), but she didn’t even think about finding room for just one more.
Fortunately, the dog she found, a black-and-white pit bull she almost immediately named Thor, came running right up to her. He was friendly and, once she got him home, housebroken. She was pretty sure someone had owned him. Once.
It was raining and cold, with not much food or warm cover around for a lost dog. Poor Thor had been abandoned.
Laura hesitated to take Thor to a local shelter, since they were all overcrowded. And being a pit bull, he would be less likely to get adopted. So, she took him straight home.
She put him up in her spare room, keeping him separated from the others through a baby gate. But Thor was as quiet and friendly a house guest as one could hope for in a lost dog.
Still, Laura already had eight dogs and she knew Thor deserved a less-crowded furever home. So, she got in contact with a new Houston rescue group called Three Little Pitties. They moved him to a different foster home. Hopefully, Thor will find his furever home soon, but he might not have found one at all, had it not been for Laura.
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