Feral cat somehow got into a mall but turns out it was the best decision she ever made

Sometimes it happens that birds fly into malls and get trapped there. It's nearly impossible to help them out, but when a feral kitten managed to sneak inside, the outcome was quite different.
Security got involved when the frightened kitten tried to find a place to hide. She ended up near a store owned by Reddit user a7madib's cousin's wife. The kind lady and her husband offered to give the little creature a home, but that didn't mean it would be smooth sailing.
The kitten they named Lilly was terrified of people. Whenever anyone got near, they risked lots of hissing, growling and quite a few scratches. Lilly didn't trust any of them. Setting up a litter box, bowls of food and water, and a bed in a closet so she could hide and feel safe were the easy parts.
"My cousin would get really low and reach his hand out to her. Slowly week by week, we started seeing results. She would play and come out to the living room but still be cautious not to get to close to anyone who isn't my cousin," said a7madib. It took four months for Lilly to finally accept people.
Finally, Lilly came out of her shell and now, a year later, the gorgeous cat is 180° from where she was when she was found. Affectionate and gentle, Lilly is loving her home with the people who went to so much trouble to convince her that life was pretty good, after all.
Not all stories of feral cats turn out like Lilly's story. Although the average lifespan of a domestic cat is 14 years or more, a feral cat is lucky to see five. They generally live in colonies and avoid all contact with people. So when a story like this one happens, it is something to celebrate.
What would you have done with Lilly? Turned her over to a shelter or taken her in and spend the energy and love it took to turn her into a loving, happy housecat? Tell us in the comments!
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