Scared, motherless kitten is taken on by a furry crew of helpers

If you have small children in your life, you are perhaps familiar with color-changing toys. These delightful playthings change their hues depending on the temperature of the water in which they are dipped, charming the socks right off the child. Can you imagine the sheer glee if that same child had a real, live, color-changing kitten? Well, it is actually possible... at least for a little while.
Meet Hannibal, a true-to-life, color-changing kitten! When Hannibal was born, he had a beautiful, silvery-colored coat. His mother suffered a high fever when he was in the womb, and the result is what is called a "fever coat." As they grow, their bright silver color changes to their natural color, whatever that might be. For Hannibal, it was a beautiful black coat that looks for all the world like a tuxedo. In fact, that's what his markings are called.
When he arrived at the shelter, he was in need of medical attention and weighed less than two pounds. A volunteer fostered him to get him back on his feet, and then something special happened to the kitten with one blue eye and one yellow eye.
His foster mom knew he needed a forever home and she knew just the person for Hannibal. Marissa E had previously worked for the shelter and had shared her desire for a "dream kitten." And Hannibal fit the bill.
When Marissa picked him up and took him home, he was frightened of his new surroundings. But that was before he met his new family: three other cats and a dog.
His new "siblings" took him right in, greeting him with lots of nose rubs and kisses. In no time at all, he filled a space that only he could. Marissa was delighted.
Even the dog was happy to welcome the little stranger. In very short order, he felt like a part of the family, and so he was!​
"He is mischief given physical form. He has his cuddly moments but is mostly a handful with tons of energy that goes tearing around the apartment at full speed making little battle cries," Marissa explained.
Eventually, Hannibal grew into a gorgeous black-and-white cat that greets everyone with a disconcerting stare from his mismatched eyes.
Now that Hannibal is a fully-grown two-and-a-half-year-old cat, he can hold his own in his little clan. In fact, according to Marissa, "Hannibal's favorite thing to do at home is to pick on his siblings (my other cats, all 8+ years old), to get into absolutely everything, and make mischief."
It's fortunate for Hannibal that he was taken to the shelter and nursed back to health. The kitten with the color-changing coat has turned into a beautiful, healthy cat who loves being part of Marissa's friendly family. And he's helpful, too! Just watch his video as he "helps" Marissa make the bed. Then share his story with your friends. Who knows? Maybe there's a color-changer in your future, too!
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