After finding a kitten in a storm drain, woman brings him home and turns his life around

"It was a dark and stormy night..." Okay, it was daytime. And it wasn't storming. But someone up there was looking out for this ginger kitten when he dashed across a street—and fell into a storm drain!
In White Plains, New York, a couple witnessed a streak of orange cross the street in front of them and then simply disappear. The six-week-old kitten had fallen pell-mell into a storm drain and went to his rescue.
"They had stopped and were fishing down with an ice scraper, and I had assumed they had lost their keys. They had actually seen a tiny orange kitten dart across the street and fall through the grate," Katie, who saw the couple, related. The kitten climbed up onto the scraper and was rescued. Katie immediately took him, soaking wet and shivering, into her arms.
"At first, I couldn't even tell if he was a cat. Nevertheless, I picked him up. As I cradled him to my chest, he let out a little meow and I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he was alive. We wrapped him up in a spare t-shirt and went to the car," Katie remembers. Although she at first planned to take him to the local no-kill shelter, it was Labor Day and the shelter was closed. So she took him home with her, and that was the end of that plan!
The ginger furbaby was crawling with fleas, so one of the first tasks was to get him clean. Because he was so young they couldn't use flea shampoo on him. It took patience to remove all the fleas, but eventually they succeeded. A name was in order and since he had been found in a storm drain it seemed only right to name him after the Greek god of storms: Zeus.
With a good meal and a warm bath, Zeus was on his way to being a full-time, permanent member of Katie's household.
"He has his 'late-night freak outs' where he runs at full speed all over the apartment, stops and stares at a fixed point for several seconds, and then proceeds to dart in the other direction," Katie laughed. This is definitely a kitten full of mischief!
Zeus found a spot on top of the sofa that he claimed as his own. It was his when he was a tiny kitten...
...and it's still his now that he's all grown up.
Zeus has never entirely settled down. He's as feisty now as he was as a kitten, and if it's possible, even more loved. "He tends to sleep in bed with my father at night, and rests his head on the pillow next to him. However, he can get feisty at a moments notice." His humans are never tired of watching his hilarious antics.
Share Zeus' story with your friends. Isn't it great when a story turns out so well? Somewhere near you, there's a "Zeus" waiting for you, too. Check with your local shelter!​
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