After his favorite toy was discontinued this lucky pup gets the surprise of a lifetime

Jaxon is a twelve-year-old Chihuahua with a fetish. He likes a particular green dragon toy and won't accept substitutes. That didn't seem to be a problem—until the plush toy was discontinued!
Kelli Brown, Jaxon's mom, can't figure it out. Her other dog likes all kinds of plush toys, including two that are the same toy but in different colors. Jaxon won't have any other, though, than this one Top Paw chew toy called "Greenie." Because of this idiosyncrasy, Jaxon's need went viral.
Brown remembers, "He was adopted from our local shelter on December 8, 2014, and I put one of these toys in his stocking the first year we had him (our other dog got the red version — which was a dragon). And this has just always been the only toy he’s ever played with!"​
Greenie, like other playthings, occasionally needs replacing, and Jaxon goes through about two toys a year. But when Brown went down to the local PetSmart to find one for the dog, the thing that she had feared came upon her. There were NO Greenies available! ​
Brown scoured the internet to try and find another toy for her beloved pet, but to no avail. No one had Greenies anymore, and she had only one more idea. That's when she took to social media to enlist the help of other dog lovers.
Brown's tweet to PetSmart for help went viral and was seen by many people who tried to help. Suggestions poured in on other toys to try, prompting Brown to respond, “We’ve tried other green toys over the years, he won’t have anything to do with them. And there was a red & yellow version of his fave toy (a dragon!) same size, same fabric, just a different color and no dice. What a weirdo, lol.” That's when Kendyl Kercho, a PetSmart employee (and fellow Chihuahua lover) in Texas, saw the tweet and knew just what to do.
“I think what inspired me is my love for pets. I have a desire to do anything in my power to help animals anywhere and everywhere,” Kercho explained. “I figured if anyone could help, it was me, because I work at PetSmart where the toy comes from.” Her own Chihuahua, Brock, was an inspiration as well. She'd want someone to help if her beloved pooch were in the same situation.
When searching the aisles at PetSmart and posting on the PetSmart Facebook page didn't turn up anymore Greenies, Kercho decided to look one last place. In an out-of-the-way clearance aisle, she found not one but eight Greenies, and she bought them all for Jaxon. Then she went further and asked what Jaxon's favorite treat was. Boxing them all up, she gleefully sent the package to the little dog more than a thousand miles away.
Now that Jaxon has eight new Greenie toys, he's set for life. Extras will be donated to other dogs who like the toy. "I’ve seen on Twitter that there are other dogs who also love this toy, so any extras we were to receive would be shared with friends," Brown said.
Watch the video as Jaxon selects one of the Greenies from the abundant stash provided by a kind lady who simply loves animals. Have you ever gone the extra mile to provide something for someone who couldn't get it themselves? Share Jaxon's story; maybe it will engender an expression of generosity from someone you know!
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